A dog with a crushed skull is afraid of people: but life in a loving family awaits him

No one really knows what Asya’s life was like before Elena found her. But it can be assumed that it was difficult.

When the rescuer Elena approached the shy puppy, Asya tried to hide. She hesitantly, watching the approaching people, was clearly scared.

As representatives of the organization «Animal Shelters» told, having shown patience and gentleness, Elena finally pulled the shy and frightened dog out of her hiding place.

Elena has worked with many rescued dogs. She immediately realized that something was wrong with Asya. The dog had several injuries and was walking in circles. Elena suspected that she had a neurological problem, but did not know what exactly was going on.

She immediately took the dog to the vet for a proper examination. The veterinarian discovered that the poor puppy had a deformed skull, possibly due to a blow to the head. In addition, part of his brain was missing, and this area was filled with fluid.

What happened to Asya was terrible. But in the future, she won’t have to suffer like this anymore. Elena and the veterinarian did everything possible to make the dog’s life comfortable and safe.

Fortunately, soon Asya left the vet’s office and returned home with Elena. For the first time she discovered life in a loving family.

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