A homeless curly-haired labrador in the garbage gave people a paw, hoping for help

The winter was strange, cracking frosts were replaced by thaws, or even at all, it beat passers-by with icy rain. Bertha, judging by the color, a half-breed shepherd, with soft, curly hair and a fluffy tail, waited for her benefactress at the entrance every evening. Stray animals were not favored in their neighborhood.

It was believed that throwing food in the trash is more correct than feeding stray dogs. Bertha was very grateful and, despite her impressive appearance, very affectionate. At the sight of the girl, she took off and rushed to «hug». All the girl could help was food and a little affection for Bertha.

One morning, Bertha announced her arrival to the girl with a loud bark. When the girl went outside with a portion of sweets, her heart squeezed with pity. The dog looked completely miserable. Her wet fur was clogged with snowballs and icicles, and she was standing ankle-deep in a freezing puddle.

The girl realized that she could no longer leave the dog on the street. Bertha seemed to be waiting for her to finally be invited to visit. It was only necessary to point to the door, the mongrel happily slipped inside and sat down on the mat at the door of the desired apartment.

Bertha tried very hard to please the girl’s mother, she performed the simple trick «Give a paw» flawlessly. As a reward, the dog demanded affection, closing her eyes with pleasure when she was scratched behind her ears.

This time, overcome with affection and warmth, Bertha did not even reach for the bowls. She was wiped dry from snow and dirt and allowed to lie down on a sofa covered with a blanket. Tired and completely happy, the dog fell asleep, hugging the first toy in his life.

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