The owner of the dog did not even suspect why he was digging in until she unwrapped the white cloth.

This incident shocked the entire Chinese Chongqing! In early May, a woman named Yang Zhang Li, as usual, was walking around the neighborhood with her dog. Knowing his restless nature, the owner became worried when she lost sight of the animal.

She rushed to search and found that the dog was hurriedly digging a hole in the wasteland.

What a stupid game. The woman got angry. But then she saw the edge of the white cloth in the pit and heard the baby crying.

Oh, my God, baby! The boy was probably a month old. He was weak and blue. And his mouth was full of dirt.

The child was sobbing with the last of his strength. To find him, and even underground, you need a dog’s hearing and flair.

The foundling was immediately taken to a hospital in Bhutan, where doctors diagnosed him with a rapid heartbeat and low body temperature. But these are small things. The main thing is that after the help provided, the baby will live.

The police tried to find out the origin of the child, but to no avail. He was found in a rural area where there are no surveillance cameras.

The only clue is a white cloth, an improvised burial shroud.

Probably, the parents considered the baby dead. And for some unknown reason, they hurried to bury him without notifying the authorities. Buried alive, weakened, he probably would have died without the heroic dog.

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