Cougar rescued from a zoo cannot live in nature – therefore it lives at home like a cat

It’s hard to believe in, but in the Penzesky region, Russia, in the small apartment of Aleksandr and Maria Dmitriev, lives the most real 40-kilogram cougar under the nickname Messi.

Sarah for the first time noticed the cub in the Saransk Zoo when it was only 8 months old. The cub was one of 3 babies born in the zoo.

Messi was sold to a zoo in Saransk when it was 3 months old and suffered from a serious sickness.

Dmitriev liked the kitten very much, and they went to the zoo with a request to buy the animal.

To their surprise, they received a positive answer.

The cougar was 2.5 years old and the kitten grew up into a beautiful male puma that now lives in the Dmitrievs’ house as a domestic animal.

The Dmitrievs had to change the whole way of life and adapt the dwelling for the big cat. But the couple coped with everything.

As 28-year-old Maria Dmitrieva said, her husband Alexander has always dreamed of a giant cat – a lynx but never thought about a cougar.

Due to health problems, Messi has grown by only two-thirds of the size of an ordinary cougar and weighs only 40 kg, but this is 10 times more than an ordinary cat weighs!

Messi even has his personal Instagram page with 731 thousand followers!

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