A forester saved a wolf that fell into a pit: a year later, the wolf again called a man to the same pit.

Driving a snowmobile through the site, the forester heard a howl. Stopping, the man went to the ditch and saw a wolf there.

He realized that the animal itself could not get out, and after a little thought, he went down to help the predator.

The wolf was old, it was difficult for him to hunt, so he came to the forester and began to live with him.

It’s been about a year. And then one morning the forester noticed that the predator was behaving strangely. The wolf ran away into the forest. Then the man heard the howl of the beast and went to look for him.

It turned out that the wolf was at the same pit where the man found him. Below, the forester noticed a woman who could not get out on her own.

The man helped the woman out of the pit. Then he took her to his house and gave her hot tea. So their romance began. And over time, they became husband and wife.

And the wolf stayed to live with them.

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