The men noticed a fluffy «bag» in the snow, but it turned out to be a dog

Two men were driving a car on the Trans-Canada highway, and noticed a strange «bag» in the snow on the side of the road. However, when they got closer, they noticed that the bag was moving.

When one of the men approached, he realized that it was not a bag, but something alive.

The «bag» stirred. And the men realized that in front of them was an animal stuck in the snow. It turned out to be a dog. The snow was knee-deep, and it was not easy for them to get a stuck dog. So they contacted the Steinbach and Area Animal Rescue center.

When rescuers arrived and got the dog, they were horrified by her condition. The poor man was all covered with woolen tangles. It was possible to tell from the dog that she had spent some time in the snow. She even tried to make herself a couch in the snow.

It was even hard for the poor dog to move around. Therefore, she was carried to the car. At the shelter, she was surrounded by care, and was given the nickname Riley. The dog was found to have a high temperature and weakness. But her condition was quickly restored. Then experts took up her woolen tangles.

After a couple of hours of haircuts, Riley finally got rid of the tangles, and became like a normal dog. She never stopped thanking the rescuers who gave her a new life! Almost immediately, they began to look for owners for the beauty. And one family was happy to take her in.

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