Adorable footage shows the baby tortoise as hitches a lift with its 150 years old mom

The African spotted tortoise is amongst the most long-lived animals.

This is not uncommon for them to survive for more than a hundred. In reality, they have a lifetime of 50 to 150 yrs.

Nevertheless, there have been stories of spurred tortoises living far longer than just that.

As an example, imagine a 150-year-old mother spending time with its four-day-old infants; isn’t it absolutely cute?

It most certainly is, and one landscape photographer took some very cute images of them!

The Nyiregyhaza Zoological Sanctuary in Hungary received eight small tortoise pups after 16 weeks of hatching.

According to the Telegraph, these babies have been less than a tenth the size of its mother, weighting roughly 0.05 pounds and reaching 0.18 ft.

These are the zookeepers, the first of their kind to be born.

Attila Balazs, a conservation biologist, took advantage of the occasion to get some wonderful images of the charming situations as the tiny ones peacefully perched on their mother bathing in the sunshine!

The African spur tortoise is the third-biggest tortoise type. They are native to Africa’s Sahara desert and may carefully weigh to 175-180 kilograms.

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