A baby seal accidentally scared a polar bear cub

In one of the most adorable videos the animal kingdom has ever imagined, a polar bear cub is completely terrified when a seal cub appears out of the ice right in front of him. Fortunately, the moment was captured on camera.

The drama unfolded in front of the BBC crew. The creators of the film were filmed for the TV series «Snow Bears». From the Svalbard Islands to the North Pole, the team witnessed an unexpected and comedic moment.

A hungry mother has started hunting seals — the main food source for polar bears — in the hope that her two cubs will also develop their hunting skills. But the mother bear’s expectations soon crumble, as one of the cubs epically fails in his first lesson.

Inspired by a fearless mother, the toddler seems more determined than ever to have lunch. But then he falls on his back out of fear when a baby seal broke through the ice right in front of the bear cub. It is clear that the kid did not expect this.

The BBC has finally decided to share a charming scene online.

«The polar bear is patiently waiting for the seal, but his cub catches him by surprise when he suddenly appears,» they described the moment.

Watch the video:

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