Yana ”two-faced” is a glorious cat with a double colored face and unique fur pattern

All of the animals are unique in their way. Some of them are ”painted” with fine stripes, some of them are multi-colored and some have adorable body shapes, etc.

However, some wild creatures are painted in a special way. It seems as nature is a master in abstract draws. We always think that the most distinguishable animals are shown on animal channels, yet they live next to us.

Cats with different eye colorings are famous but the phenomenon of two-colored eyes is a rare thing in other animals.
If you own a pet, remember that they are already unique and wonderfully created.

In this story, a cat named Yana has an exceptional appearance. The face of the cat is double-colored. Some people think she is a kitten of exceptional beauty, others say she is comic. Sadly, there may be some that will consider her ugly.

Like her previous owner who abandoned her just for no reason. The story happened in 2016 when the sad news was spread over the Internet in Belarus.

There is no explanation why would a person forsake this cute cat for her two-colored face. I would love her forever and make life easy for her.

Unexpectedly, Yana was adopted after the news. Her new adopter is Elizabeth – a student of architecture and design college. Yana has become her best friend since then.

Elizabeth never leaves the moment and captures wonderful photos of Yana. Of course, it’s mostly the cat that makes all the pictures masterpieces.

It seems that the little cat learned how to pose. She is always ready to shine for her followers.

Thank you, Elizabeth for caring about the work of art cat Yana!

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