The dog led the owner to a strange snowdrift around which the snow was melting: it was a tied bag, and it was moving

On a morning walk in the woods, a dog named Bella began to behave very cautiously. She began to pull her owner Irina towards the snowdrift.The snowdrift suddenly stirred. And coming closer, Irina saw that the snow had melted under him. And then it became clear that this was not a snowdrift at all, but a white bag. And someone was moving in the bag.

Irina, calling her friend for help, immediately untied the bag. There was a red-haired little dog in the bag, barely alive.

Without hesitating for a second more, the women took the dog and carried it home to the warmth. Having bathed and warmed the poor dog, the women tried to feed her. But the baby showed absolutely no interest in food. She showed no interest in anything around her, just stared into the void…

The poor dog was taken to a veterinary clinic. The condition of the dog outraged veterinarians. A dog of this size should weigh about 12 kg, and this crumb weighed only 4 kg. The baby had no muscle mass at all.

The rescue of Zhulechka, so the dog was called, is a real miracle. And it was an even greater miracle that the red-haired baby fully recovered after the experience! And then the successful outcome was a big question. From exhaustion, the poor dog could not stand on its paws, and also hold its head.

Every day was a struggle for the life and health of the unfortunate baby.Irina was with Zhulenka literally around the clock. She took care of her like a little child. And the first step of the brave little dog was a real event!

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