The previous owners left the dog in the field without food and water, but he was found by a kind family

Charlie’s childhood was not easy. The inhumans abandoned him in a deserted area. Moreover, they left the dog in a closed carrier without food and water. But, to our great happiness, the baby was lucky.

He was discovered by caring people. And it was a father and son who decided to take a ride on the rural highway of their native state of Arkansas on a day off.

They could not even think that an ordinary trip to the countryside would turn out to be such an unusual adventure.

It was quite cool that day. And in the middle of the grass, which has almost withered, the father and son noticed something like a box. They approached and saw that it was a completely worn-out carrier. And in it was a dog, emaciated and shivering from cold and terror.

He was so weak that he could barely stand on his paws. And his long stay in the carrier contributed to the development of infection. And also the overgrown claws also said that the dog had been here for a long time. And it remains a mystery how he survived without food and water.

When the puppy noticed that people were coming, he began to back away to the back of the carrier in horror. But dad and son offered him a drink and a meal and won his trust. They should have taken him with them. But the old carrier was not suitable for this, as well as motorcycles.

So they drove quickly home to return by car. The doggie was in the same place, in the carrier. He didn’t even move and it was possible to assume a sad outcome. However, as they approached, they heard whining.

The animal was moved to the back seat of the car and everyone drove to the city together. Already in the apartment, the puppy was given a meal, and then bathed. By the next morning, he was taken to the veterinarian, where he was prescribed medications, as well as psychological rehabilitation.

Charlie, such a nickname was given to the dog, remained to live in this house, although initially they wanted to take him for overexposure and, after he became healthy, transfer him to other people. But they had already become attached to him and the dog became the main favorite in the family. He never tires of expressing gratitude to his rescuers.

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