The rescued dog refused to eat: the veterinarian decided to have lunch together.

The case was complicated — so much so that the veterinarian even thought about how to euthanize the found dog. But this man still gave her a chance to survive, using very unusual methods to save her.

A pit bull named Gracie was found on the street of the American town of Elberton. Granite Hills Animal Care volunteers took care of a barely alive dog. First, the frightened animal was taken to the vet. And this meeting completely changed her life.

When Gracie was seen by Dr. Andy Matheson, she was in critical condition. The dog was shaking with fear. She was even more exhausted, hungry, dehydrated.

Andy decided to do everything to save Gracie’s life.

To help the ward, the veterinarian decided to have lunch with her. He climbed into the dog’s territory and, having settled down comfortably, began to eat right in front of her. Gracie was sitting in the corner. She looked at the doctor with interest, but did not dare to eat herself.

But after Andy gave her some food, she finally took the first steps to the bowl.

The dog, who had been through so much in her life, was not ready to trust people or believe in good things. But together with her good friend Dr. Mathison, she has already taken several steps towards a better future, in which a new home and loving owners will appear very soon.

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