Meet the pink thrush, a little ball of joy so beautiful that you think it’s too perfect to be real

There is so much beauty in nature hidden from human eyes. And the more we find the unknown, the more we appreciate the beauty of the natural world.
Sometimes you can even see one that will seem too perfect to be real. This is the case with the pink robin.

Australia is home to a very rare and unique robin with a bright pink breast, which is called the pink robin.
This beautiful little bird is so rare that when people see her photos, they often can’t believe she’s real.
But fortunately, the pink robin in all its glory is absolutely real.

Pink robins can be found on Tasmania, King and Flinders Islands, as well as in the wetter parts of Victoria and southeastern New South Wales.
The preferred habitat is temperate forest or lowland rainforest. The main thing is that the nesting place should be moist.

It is known that it is very difficult to photograph it, because the pink robin is trying to hide as quickly as possible.

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