The sick puppy lay outside under the pipe for 3 days. A stray dog and a young veterinarian saved the baby’s life

Trying to find shelter for himself, a tiny puppy crawled under the heating pipe. After lying in the middle of the street for three days, the baby no longer hoped for salvation and just waited for everything to end. She didn’t even have the strength to squeak anymore, and when she did, people still didn’t pay any attention to it.

When the dog could no longer open her eyes, she was accidentally noticed by my assistant. Returning from work, the woman saw a dirty lump lying motionless under the pipe. Baby already seemed hopeless and she called me. There was nothing to think about.I immediately sent them to the vet clinic. Better late than never.

The doctor, seeing the dog, said that the chances of saving her are minimal, and we have very little time.

«Look for a donor,» he concluded, and added that even this does not guarantee success. The tests are not just bad, but absolutely none.

I called a volunteer, on whose territory some of our rescued animals live, and asked him to bring at least someone. Because this little miracle just has to survive!

We decided that a big and beautiful dog with a difficult fate named Linda would become a donor for our baby.

I really wanted to believe that it would help. The doctors performed the procedure, but I was insanely afraid to call the clinic.

But heaven took pity on the tiny orphan. Linda saved the baby An adult dog literally breathed life into her! It’s just incredible!

When I approached, the baby even wagged her tail slightly, and her lips stretched out in an almost human smile. The puppy thanked people.

Doctors say that the baby can already be taken from the clinic. Our doggie will live.

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