A small kitten was thrown into the water, but he survived, climbed on a rock, and called for help

Our heroine, as usual, drove to work in her car in the morning. On the road that day it was deserted, and the girl drew attention to the car that turned to the river. Then she noticed that the driver left the cabin and threw a small box into the river, sat down and drove away. The heroine immediately remembered that kittens were drowned in this way in the village. Without hesitation, she called the rescue service.

After waiting for the specialists, the girl together with them began to explore the river and the banks. But the kids were nowhere to be found. At the last moment, when there was no hope, they heard a plaintive meowing. A small wet kitten was noticed on the stone. The rest of the kids were not lucky enough to escape.

The poor frightened crumb was taken out, dried and warmed. Then they took him to the vet. Fortunately, the baby turned out to be completely healthy. Our heroine called the kitty a Peach and decided to take it home.

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