A sick, weak cat knocks on the window of the house to be adopted

A sick and frozen cat found the right way to seek help, and his dream came true. On a cold snowy day, he went to the door of the house and began knocking on the window, as if asking permission to enter.

The hostess of the house, Jaelle, heard a strange noise coming from the garden. Looking outside, she found a red cat trying to attract her attention.

The woman immediately contacted Marie Simard, the founder of Un Chant à la Fois, a shelter located near her home in Quebec, Canada.

«It was painful for me to see this kitten in such a state. So I asked her to take him to the vet. And after 30 minutes, the cat was already in the clinic. »

The clinic did X-rays and blood tests. The cat had problems with her teeth. He was frozen and bleeding from the injury. He was found to have fleas and worms, diabetes and skin allergies.

The cat had to stay in the clinic for several days.

«We thought he was lost. But he didn’t have a microchip. Maybe he was abandoned by someone. Or his former owners didn’t have enough money to pay for veterinary care,» Marie said. Later the cat was named Aslan. And Jaelle decided to adopt him temporarily.

«He was operated on and treated. The vet said that if he had been alone, he would not have survived the winter,» his rescuer explained.

After a few days, his situation improved. Therefore, Marie began to publish an announcement about the adoption.

But Jaelle decided to take him forever. Aslan now has to follow a special diet because of diabetes. But this does not prevent him from finally living a happy life. Fate brought them together almost by accident, and now they will never part again.

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