When Brothers Discover Ducklings Trapped In Their Pool They Build Them A Little Ramp

This incident happened to Alex Aabedi in California when he came across ducklings in his garden.He said that ducks sometimes visit their garden and pool, but they have never seen them.

One day this man went out and noticed a mother duck with her chicks. They were following the mother into the pool. It was seen how the mother jumps into the pool and makes her children do the same.

However, after some time, they thought that the ducks might drown and decided to take them out of the water.Mother ducks can’t lift their babies out of the water, so when ducklings get trapped they’re in serious danger.

Aabedi and his brother made several plans to free the ducklings, but none of them were successful.The ducks swam so fast that it was impossible to catch them, so they decided to build a ramp.

The mother duck was very worried. Since the ramp was not convenient, they decided to throw a towel over it and everything went well.

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