5-year-old child claims he and his classmate are ‘twins’, but when mom sees the photo, she can’t believe her eyes

Britney Tankersley from Foley has been married for 12 years and she and her husband are raising three children.

At the end of October, a holiday was planned at the school – the Day of Twins. The children were asked to find a mate – a student who looked like them – and one day come to class in the same (or very similar) outfits.

“My daughter had a twin at school, and we planned their outfits a week ago. Miles is in kindergarten at the school. And I didn’t know that they were also planning a Day of Twins, and I don’t know the parents of his classmates,” she told reporters.

Miles told her about the upcoming fun the day before.

“He jumped up and said: “Oh! I asked Tanner if he wanted to be my twin tomorrow, and he agreed.” And then thought… Who is Tanner? I don’t know his mom… What size is he?”

The woman immediately contacted Miles’ teacher, who told her the name of Tanner’s mother and her phone number. Britney contacted her and found out the boy’s clothing size.

She made it to the Walmart store and bought two matching flannel shirts for her son. The woman never knew what Tanner looked like. But Miles explained that his friend was an exact copy of him: the same brown eyes, the same hair.

The next day, Miles put on a new shirt and took the second copy with him in his backpack.

The woman took her son to kindergarten, and she went to work, asking the teacher to send her a photo of Miles and Tanner. Upon receiving the picture, Britney was very surprised and almost shed a tear. Then she decided to write a post on Facebook and attach a photo of the twins.

“Last night Miles kept telling me how he and another boy in his class would be a couple for Twin Day because they look the same, same eyes, same hair. He was sure they were identical. I put the kids to bed and bought the right clothes from Walmart. Today the teacher sent me this photo. My heart just melted. Yes, obviously they are two very different children, but Miles doesn’t see it. Can you imagine how much better the world would be if we all saw it the way these five-year-olds do?” she wrote in the post.

Miles simply did not attach importance to the fact that he and Tanner had a different skin color, for him, it was not a determining factor. And from such a view of things, people on Facebook were very moved, because in an ideal world without xenophobia, this is exactly how everything should have been.

For several days, Britney’s post was shared by more than 260 thousand people, it also got almost 500 thousand likes.

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