Adorable Dog With Giant Fluffy Ears Looks Exactly Like Mickey Mouse

They are few things in life that are absolute — 1 + 1 will always be 2. Water will always be wet and dogs will ALWAYS be cute. Yet, every so often a pooch pops up that is just SO cute the internet breaks — And Goma is definitely that pooch!

This four-year-old, Papillon-Maltese beauty, has quickly become a social-media star and with a smize that screams ‘love me’ and a name that may or may not have been taken from one of our favourite Japanese anime television shows ( starts with D ends with Z) it’s not difficult to see why she’s the internets new favourite darling.

The Toyko based Papillon and Maltese mix breed has managed to take all of mom and dads best features and miraculously avoided developing any of the health defects that cross-breeding often leads to. So what is it exactly about this particular pooch that has got us ‘awww’ing and coo’ing with every pic? Well for one, look at those ears! Nicknamed the Mickey Mouse Dog, Gomas’ small, round face and big fluffy ears is as Disney as it gets and who doesn’t love Disney?!

Goma, who seems to have the uncanny ability to be picture ready at any given moment can be found on Instagram @maryupgoma_c, living the luxurious life, enjoying weekly spa treatments and getting all dressed up.

But don’t be fooled by her 114k + following and expensive habits, she’s a regular down to earth pup who likes long walks, playing catch, chewy toys and getting down and dirty just as much as the next dog.

Check out some more of her looks below!

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