The harpy eagle is so big that it makes people think it is a human hidden under a costume

Recently some shots have been spread all over the Internet raising the question of whether there is actually a bird, a human in a costume or a strange creature from a movie.

To be honest, watching the snaps one can answer the creature maybe all of the mentioned above.

It turns out that in the photos it’s a bird – the largest bird on the Earth. Let us introduce to you the harpy eagle.

The creature is also known as the American harpy eagle – the most powerful raptor living in rainforests. The weight of the massive bird can be from 8,5 to 20 pounds. The wingspan of the harpy eagle may reach more than 7 feet.

This creature recently got famous among thousands of people. However, though the bird has a high online reputation on the Internet, it is an endangered species. One of the reasons the number of these wonderful birds has been lessening is deforestation.

There are approximately 50,000 harpy eagles or less left in the woods of Southern America. These birds dwell in the Brazilian woods. Here people call the eagle royal-hawk.

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