Olympic champion goes viral for knitting cute dog sweaters in the stands during a diving competition

A British athlete Tom Daley has got a gold medal for the glorious performance in synchronized diving. But this was not the last time he caught the attention of the world.

This time the athlete was praised for a very beautiful gesture – knitting clothing for dogs.

It’s Tom’s new hobby. The 2021 Tokyo Olympics helped the man to introduce to people what he is interested in. As Daley says, knitting is a new hobby for him because he started to be engaged in it less than a year ago.

After seeing his art of crocheting, we can undoubtedly say that he is as good at knitting as in diving. The golden athlete tells that knitting has helped him a lot during the Olympics.

The man later revealed on Instagram who the clothes were knitted for. He put a photo of his friend’s dog having on it the clothing made by himself. He also admitted he has started to make another one.

I wonder, who will be the next dog, receiving handmade clothing from a gold medal athlete!

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