For the sake of a selfie photo, the girl pulled a swan out of the lake. The consequences were terrible

In the pursuit of likes, people have gone completely crazy. To make a unique frame and surprise their subscribers, people are ready for a lot.

This story happened in Bulgaria. An unknown tourist decided to photograph a beautiful swan for social networks. But then a terrible thing happened…

The tourist decided to take a photo by the lake. She really wanted the swan to be in the frame, but he refused to pose. Not satisfied with the result of the shooting, the woman grabbed the swan by the wing and began to drag it to shore.

The surrounding people noticed with what horror and panic the swan tried to get rid of the distraught tourist. But the woman held the animal so tightly that there was simply no chance of freedom.

When she finally made that ill-fated shot, she just let the swan go. After taking a few steps, the animal just fell exhausted and tired on the sand. The swan died on the shore…

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