Desperate man puts his car up for sale to save his beloved dog’s life

Randy Etter adores his dog, Gemini, more than any thing else. Randy rescued him when he was a mini pet and reared him. As a result, they’ve formed an extraordinary friendship.

Gemini seen playing with Etter’s girlfriend’s infant daughter in April 2019. Gemini gladly retrieved the little girl’s bottle from the playpen, which she had been throwing out of the playpen on a regular basis.

Etter promptly retrieved the bottle from Gemini, cleaned it, and returned it to the small child each time this happened. Both the small girl and the dog were having a great time, and Etter was having a great time watching them play.

Unfortunately, the dog began to become ill later that day. Etter told The Dodo, “He simply started to slow down and I didn’t believe it was natural, just sleeping by me and following me around.” “I simply got the impression that he was saying, ‘Help me.’”

Randy sensed something was wrong, so he began driving Gemini from vet to vet in the hopes of finding anyone who can help him. He missed his shift at work and was fired as a result, but he didn’t seem to mind. He only wanted to make sure his closest friend was all right.

The Facebook post was seen by an animal rescue group called S.O.A.R Initiative (Street Outreach Animal Response), and they were moved by Etter’s love to his dog. S.O.A.R. contacted its members and requested funds to aid Gemini.

The organization was able to gather $3,000 for Etter, which they gave to her.

Etter was able to keep his automobile while still covering the cost of the procedure.

Gemini is healing at home after a successful operation. Randy, of course, is overjoyed as he has never been before.

He expressed his gratitude by saying, “It means the world to me.” “He’s one of my closest friends.” He’s always there for me, and I simply desired to repay the favor by being there for him.”

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