Dog that lived on street for 11 years wakes up to new happy life

A stray dog gets a bigger surprise after so many years of life on the streets of Los Angeles. Just as he was about to surrender, the deaf puppy discovers a loving family and the cozy home he’d always desired. An uplifting story that demonstrates that even the worst stories may have a happy ending!

The sad, helpless dog, now known as Solovino (Spanish for “he arrived alone”), has spent his entire existence wandering the streets of Los Angeles. As a result, he lived the most difficult life a dog could have, yet he never gave up and kept moving forward, until today!

The pitiful creature, sick, fatigued, and always hungry, had enough, and with his last efforts, he found a location on someone’s front porch, where he lay down, ready to give up. But he had no idea that was only the start of a new episode in his life!

Whenever a woman saw an elderly dog lying on her doorstep, she felt sorry for him and began feeding him. Solovino, or Solo, was his name.

When she noticed the dog had made himself at home on her porch, she believed he might be a stray and sought assistance from the Rocket Dog Rescue. The dog was transferred to a San Francisco kennel shortly after.

Solo was put up for adoption after a visit to the vet, but no one seemed to want him. For nearly a year and a half, he bounced around from one foster parents to the next. But that was until Carol Messina came across a photo of him on the internet by accident.

“I ended up loving him as soon as I saw his photo on their site,” Messina told the Dodo. “I thought to myself, ‘Well, his name is Solo!’ That’s what his foster father had been calling him all along! I had a feeling it was fate. Then, when I met him and realized how unhappy he was, I knew he’d be with me for the rest of my life.”

Despite this, the elderly dog was struggling to acclimate to his new life. His mother discovered he was entirely deaf and had serious dental problems at that time. But that didn’t stop Messina from loving and soothing him in the most loving way she knew how. She was ready to help him regardless of the circumstances, and she did so in the end. They’ve developed into the most adorable couple.

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