74-year-old woman fights crocodile to save adorable golden retriever

Many people are willing to do anything for the sake of their beloved pets, even if they put themselves in danger. Over and over again, we’ve heard stories of pet owners putting themselves at risk to save their friends’ lives (and animals do the same to their owners).

Like a 74-year-old woman who ran into an alligator to save her beloved golden retriever.

According to the Palm Beach Post, Susan Marciano from Boca Raton, Florida, was walking her dog Nala near the lake on the evening of August 24.

After playing fetch, they both swam in the lake. But Susan remembers how her heart «froze» when she saw a dark spot in the water crawling towards her dog.

It was an alligator over six feet long. And in the blink of an eye, Nalu was in his mouth.

Without thinking twice, the elderly woman took action to free her dog. «I did the only thing I could. I fell with all my weight on the alligator,» she said in an interview with the Palm Beach Post.

The alligator let go of Nala, but quickly turned his attention to Susan, grabbing her hand with his teeth. «Everything was a blur. I was in shock. I didn’t feel any pain,» she recalls.

Susan and Nalu survived the ordeal. Both had injuries. They needed hospital visits. Susan had five stitches in her arm, and Nala had a two-hour operation for abdominal and hip injuries.

Susan says that for weeks she was afraid to return to the park: «I always saw shadows looking out of the water. That image kept coming back to me,» she told the Palm Beach Post.

Although Susan and Nalu were injured, we are happy that they both survived this ordeal. It shows how fearless pet owners can be when their dogs are in danger.

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