Blue parrot from South America known from the movie ‘Rio’ is now officially extinct

Recently, scientists have found out that eight bird species have vanished in recent decades. It refers to the famous blue parrot from the movie ‘Rio’ as well.

In the well-known cartoon, parrots are fighting for their survival. One of them goes from America to Brazil. The male parrot meets the only survived female from his species, and they fall in love. They have a baby, giving the story a happy end.

Sadly, in reality, the last remained Spix’s Macaw parrots didn’t give a generation.

The majority of these species were living in solitary islands but lately, they had been heading to South America. The reason for the change is deforestation.

According to the Red List, a bit less than 200 bird species have vanished worldwide since the 1500s.

As experts claim, lumbering is the main reasonable cause, the second reason is hunting parrots. There are others who consider global warming to be a great challenge for many birds and animals. Some have to adapt, otherwise, they may extinct.

Particularly, the blue parrots we are talking about, are famous for their blue bright coloring.

It’s not a surprise that some of these birds may survive in bondage and be the last exemplars of the species.

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