Boston Terrier Henry sensed the danger and saved the life of his owners’ 9-month-old daughter

Boston Terrier Henry saved the life of his owners’ 9-month-old daughter.

At first it seemed that the dog was just playing naughty, but it turned out that this way he attracted attention and signaled the danger to the child.

8-year-old Henry lives with his family in the US state of Connecticut. He usually sleeps, watches TV or hugs the owners, but on the evening of December 13, he behaved differently.

The 9-month-old daughter of Henry’s owners Kelly and Jeff Dowling just caught a bad cold and was sleeping in her room.

But the dog tried with all his might to wake her up.

He constantly opened the door to the kids’ room, ran into it and stood there.

He was kicked out every time, but Henry returned as soon as the owners left.

In the end, the noise caused the girl to wake up and cry.

Then the parents noticed that her cry did not sound like usual.

According to the mother, the child’s airways were not cleared.

She could not breathe and had already begun to turn blue and freeze.

The parents urgently took their daughter to the hospital, where doctors were able to help the child.

“I don’t know what would have happened if he hadn’t woken her up. We don’t deserve dogs,” – shared Kelly Dowling.

Now the owners are trying to thank Henry for his heroic deed.

They had already allowed him to spend the night in their bed and had given in advance all the presents they had in store for the dog for Christmas.

And soon Henry will have a steak.

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