For the first time in the history of Gerber: a child with Down syndrome became the face of the brand

The well-known brand of baby food “Gerber” holds an online contest every year.

The essence of the contest is to choose from tens of thousands only one kid who will become the new face of Gerber for a whole year.

Photos of the winning child will appear on all Gerber baby food packages.

Plus, the parents of the babies will receive a great prize – 50 thousand dollars!

In 2018, unexpectedly for everyone, the winner of the competition was a boy with Down syndrome.

This is the first time in the history of Gerber, when a child with such a disease was chosen as the new face of the brand.

So, let’s get acquainted with the little winner, who beat 147 thousand other child contestants.

Lucas Warren is a cheerful “sunny” boy who is able to charm everyone around with a sweet smile.

The kid is a little over a year old and he just loves to have fun: playing with other kids, watching cartoons, listening to music, drawing and taking part in beautiful photo sets.

“Lucas is a very cheerful and energetic child.

He can’t sit still and is always trying to cheer everyone around.

His ringing laughter is really contagious,” the boy’s parents say.

Despite his illness, Lucas is the real embodiment of joy, optimism and endless positivity.

No one has yet resisted the baby’s smile – even representatives of the Gerber company!

We wish the kid good luck and worldwide popularity, because he deserves it!

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