89-year-old Brazilian grandma celebrates her birthday with 10 dogs and it is the cutest party ever

Take a look at this photo, and you will see what it means to be successful in life.

Maria, a very kind and sweet grandmother, recently celebrated her birthday at her home in Brazil. She turned 89 years old, and this celebration was quite memorable. People can only imagine such a party.

You see, Grandma Maria is friends with a lot of animals. She has 10 dogs at home. All these dogs are very funny and mischievous. Together with the dogs, the daughter and the daughter’s family live with Maria. They are not against such household members and see in Mary the personification of kindness, love and sympathy.

Maria’s daughter, Vitoria, says she enjoys sharing her home with so many pets. She loves to hug them and thanks to them the house is always noisy and fun.

And so it was quite logical to organize a party for Maria with the guests she would like to see the most – with her dogs.

On the day of the feast, the dogs joined Mary at the table. There were birthday songs, and on the table were dishes for both people and dogs. Grandma Maria was happy because she was surrounded by so much love. And the dogs in turn were happy to take part in this celebration.

Everything was perfect, and Grandma Maria had her best birthday in 89 years.

And even after 89 years of her life, she does not stop loving animals with all her heart, and in the meantime they reciprocate her.

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