Sand artist creates incredibly realistic sculptures and people easily mistake them for live animals

While most of you go to the beach to slow down and enjoy the sunshine, one guy demonstrates off his sand sculpture abilities.

And his brilliance is immense.

In reality, his carvings are so lifelike that people frequently mistake them for actual animals.

Discover Andoni Bastarrika, one of the several, world’s most accomplished sand sculpting artists!

Although his career and education had nothing to with sculpting, Bastarrika found his interest for sand sculpting by chance.

That was over a decade earlier while exploring one of his homeland’s beaches in the Basque area of Spain.

He was at the seashore with his two children when he tried to make a little mermaid out of sand.

He recognized at away that he was endowed with a heavenly skill.

The animal kingdom inspires the majority of Bastarrika’s work.

He’s genuinely so brilliant that his three-dimensional artworks appear unreal.

His life-size creations appear to be taking a sleep on the beach, that was how talented he is.

Bastarrika can function for a few hours or even a few of days depending on the product.

“For instance, the elephants took me 2 days, whereas the horse and buffalo took me 12 hours apiece.”

“These dogs, who were tiny, and so required 6 to 8 hours.”

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