Baby elephant runs to ‘rescue’ man in middle of river

Kindhearted Kham La rushed in the water to help the man.

Elephants are amazing, intelligent animals. They’re very empathetic and have emotional intelligence.

Unfortunately, though, people don’t always treat these gentle animals how they should be treated.

People hunt elephants for something they have and that man cannot produce: ivory. Because of that, it can be dangerous for these animals to be in the wild. And so, some animals that go through trials are taken to sanctuaries.

That’s just what happened with Kham La.
In 2016, five-year-old Kham La was brought to the Elephant Nature Park in Thailand.

The baby elephant was separated from her mother at an early age and had to go through the “breaking spirits” ceremony that intends to make elephants submit to humans. She soon started being trained to participate in performances, but she was lucky enough to be rescued.

Eventually, Kham La was taken to the Elephant Nature Park and was reunited with her mother.

This made both of them extremely happy. Although at first, her mother was reluctant because of the trauma their previous separation had caused her. But soon, they had re-formed their connection.

During that same year, Kham La had the chance to prove to everyone that elephants are indeed kind-hearted animals that have no intention to hurt humans. On the contrary, they are ready to offer a helping… hoof if they see a human in trouble.

Indeed, Kham La saved a human’s life — or at least that’s what she intended to do — when she saw a man floating in the river.

A sanctuary worker named Darrick was in the river — probably just swimming because he didn’t seem to be in distress — when Kham La spotted him. She knew she had to help him and she immediately took action.

The elephant rushed into the water and started moving toward the man hurriedly. When Darrick realized Kham La was coming his way, he started swimming to the river bank, possibly scared that if the huge animal came too close to him, an accident could happen.

Kham La soon approaches Darrick, and he looks happy that she went through all this trouble just to save him.

The elephant extends her trunk, which the man could use as a pool noodle to stay afloat. The two come together in what looks like a sweet hug, and the man turns his face towards the camera smiling!

The heartwarming video has gone viral with more than 21 million views.

It’s so sweet to see how Kham La tries to ‘save Darrick.’ Everyone who watched the video loved it.

“You can see the young elephant smile, knowing her friend was safe under her. Elephants could teach us to be better human,” one viewer wrote.

Despite everything that Kham La has gone through, she’s still a sweet elephant who loves people. What an incredible animal.

Check out the video of Kham La ‘saving’ Darrick below!

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