Chained up for years, he has never had the pleasure of sleeping in a soft bed

When a dog named Stevie, abandoned and rejected by his owners, was rescued in the backyard of a house in South Carolina (USA), his situation was really sad.

The little dog probably lived eight years in chains in the yard. Therefore, he did not know what a person’s affection and love were. The local shelter took him in. But the Diamonds of the Defender in Ruff (New York) immediately became interested in Stevie because of his sad story.

The poor dog had several health problems. Besides the fact that Stevie was completely blind, he had countless fleas, maggots. And there were also problems with the intestines.Therefore, an operation was needed.

But Stevie’s biggest problem was that his process of learning and adapting to foster care was very difficult: he was very scared.

«He slept most of the way home, or kept growling and barking from the cage. We knew he was just defending himself.»

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