Mom of 83 children is to celebrate her 70th anniversary

The woman and her husband have always dreamed of having at least four children, and it turned out to be 83!

There is even an award “Mother Heroine of the I degree”.

But, of course, the most valuable thing for her is the smiles of the children.

There are two own and 81 foster children in the family.

Many have already grown up and fluttered out of the nest, but she remembers everyone.

“I remember them all. And I remember their birthdays, and what they names are.

And their wives, husbands, and children of them all.

I remember everyone… I’m like a cat: I licked a kitten, so it’s mine.

They asked me: give this one, that one… How will I give my child away?

I won’t give them away, these are my children.”

After a personal tragedy, she and her husband decided to take children from an orphanage.

The firstborn of the family, the son, turned out to be a special child, then a healthy daughter.

But the doctors assured me that it would most likely not work out to give birth to healthy children anymore.

Therefore, they began to build a big family, saving the guys who were left alone with their loneliness.

“The children themselves say: mom, and you know, you took them – and they seemed to have lived with us all their lives.

It’s not noticeable that they are of different blood, from a different family.”

Eight years ago, the woman buried her husband.

Now the heroine mother copes with the whole household herself.

Prepare breakfast, lunch, dinner, come up with a cultural and entertainment program for children, and there is strength and boundless love for all this.

“I had and still have one fear: God grant that I raise them all.

Because I’m only 30 years short of 100…

I want to see what they will be like.

I want to at least let them go to the great life…

Then I’ll go to my husband.”

On the main family holiday, she looks to the future with hope and knows everything about family, love and loyalty for sure.

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