A girl without legs became a successful athlete: remember, there’s nothing impossible to overcome

Meet Paige Celandine, this 8-year-old little girl.

Though she was born with no legs she never gave up due to her strong parents.

They brought up their daughter with great willpower since her childhood.

They decided that Page should attend gymnastics when she only turned 18 months.

Now, the girl is in the 4th grade at Maysville school in Ohio.

As the girl said in an interview her parents had always aimed for their children to be in healthy and good shape.

She confessed, that at first, it was very hard for her to overcome the challenges, especially when she differed from other athletes.

But, then she coped with every difficulty and reached the top of success.

And, of course, due to her demanding trainers Sean and Heidi, she became a very famous champion in athletics.

One of her trainers Esther Weibel said that she used to call Paige an “essential part” of the team.

So, everyone could believe her potential and the strength she had inside her.

How could a baby be so strong and skillful?

Now, she continues her fame by using prosthetic feet to move from grade to grade.

Besides athletics, she is especially good at mats where she can move easily without tools.

She is strong enough to cope with everything she likes and aims to do.

What an amazing girl!

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