Bobbie the Wonder Dog covered 3000 miles on his own to return home after he got lost

Collie loyalty is known to many. These dogs are very attached to the family in which they live, and are particularly friendly. And this largely explains why dogs are ready to overcome thousands of miles, hunger and cold, in order to finally return home.

This story took place in the 1920s.

Bobbie the dog lived with a family in Oregon. His owners sometimes went to relatives in another state, and took the pet with them. During one of these trips, a pack of stray dogs scared Bobbie, and he ran away.

The family searched for a pet for a long time. They asked local residents, put up ads, went in search. But, alas, all efforts were in vain.

The saddened owners have already lost hope of seeing Bobbie again. But fate decreed otherwise.

On one of the February days, the dog appeared at his home. Incredibly, he walked 3000 miles.

This story made Bobbie and his owners famous, which helped to find out the details of the wonderful return. Letters were written to the family, and they talked about how they sheltered a dog that had wandered into them.

Unfortunately, the exhausting journey greatly undermined the health of the dog. And he crossed the rainbow bridge a few years later.

But this story in Oregon is still remembered. And in his hometown there is even a statue of the hero and a whole wall with illustrations about his journey.

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