The poor bear cub, who was starving, is rescued and adopted by the kind farmer

We know very well that small wild animals can not survive in the wild alone without the care of their mother.

They continue to wander, seeking help everywhere. They must fight alone to survive and be saved.

If they are lucky, they will meet good people who will feed them and move them to safer places.

Sometimes it is so sad to witness some heartbreaking scenes.

Every animal deserves to live its normal life and receive care and warmth.

The protagonist of this story is the adorable brown bear Vasilisa, who was lucky and happily was saved from a difficult fate.

This poor animal wandered in one of the villages of the Borisovsky district of Belarus, hoping to find food.

Nikolai Vasilyevich Terlecki, a fish farm owner, spotted a starving bear, brought it home and raised it.

The hunters spent 2 days looking for the signs of the baby’s mother in the nearby forests, but in vain. They could not find anything.

Because the brown bear in the Red Book is considered an endangered animal, Terletsky contacted the relevant authorities and informed them about the situation.

But the man faced a big challenge. he was told to either return it to the wild or take it to sleep.

The bear was too small to put in the zoo, it was not a good idea either.

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