9-Year-Old Aspiring Fashion Designer Has A Closet For Of Self-Sewn Outfits

Let’s have a throwback today and try to think of your 9-year-old self. What do you think were you doing at that age? You’d probably remember playing video games with your friends, cycling in the neighborhood, collecting toys, or perhaps, just nothing pretty serious. If any of those things ring a bell then you must’ve had an amazing childhood, right?

But again, not all children are the same. While some might be living their lives to the fullest by doing what a child must be doing, there are also some who are already doing whatever it takes just to be one step closer to their dreams.It’s time to meet this 9-year-old fashion designer in the making, Kaia Aragon!

This fashion designer enthusiast and her family live in Colorado and she’s been making rounds all over the internet recently for her viral TikTok videos. Gaining millions of views, this young girl has probably made her dream one step closer to becoming a reality.

She’s now sewn countless clothes, some of which were made from old ones, and transformed them into something fashionable that’s worth flexing online. Kaia’s closet is now filled with her self-sewn outfits and she’s not slowing down in perfecting her craft.

But unlike our perception of the word “gifted”, this 9-year-old fashion designer is different because Kaia has been sewing since she was five years old. In 2020, her mom, Tonya, bought her first sewing machine and taught her how to use such a machine.

Kaia started by sewing a bed for her kitten and the rest, as they say, is history.

She also designed a wallet before she even became interested in making clothes. In fact, just last January, Kaia’s pink and black dress amassed over 14.3 million views on TikTok alone. This young girl definitely has an eye for beautiful designs without compromising comfort.

Unlike others who usually start by sketching their designs, Kaia starts off by picking the fabric first. This little aspirant loves using any type of fabric that is stretchy and soft. She wants her designs to be not just beautiful but also comfortable to wear.

According to Kaia, she has always been a fan of unique getups. Whenever she picks something that may not look great together at first glance, it would always turn out perfect once the young designer wears it on. It’s almost safe to say that nothing would look bad on her.

Even Vera Wang, one of the most renowned and successful fashion designers in the world took notice of the young girl’s talent.

Last February, Vera Wang sent Kaia a sewing machine and a backpack with a handwritten congratulatory message. She wished the young enthusiast the best of luck in her dream of becoming a fashion designer someday. Although at first, Kaia admitted that she didn’t know the famous designer, the 9-year-old girl became obsessed with her right after knowing who she truly is in the world of fashion design.

Also, Nick Verreos of “Project Runway” couldn’t help but be amazed by the talented girl. He even challenged Kaia to create a figure skating-inspired outfit to which she obliged by sewing a dress with a sparkly skirt and a pink bodice.

Unfortunately, her mom’s TikTok account where her viral videos were uploaded got banned by the platform for some unknown reasons. For those who want to be updated with this little fashionista, you may visit her Instagram account and her mom’s newly created TikTok account.

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