Owner couldn’t do anything to help her horse stuck in a quagmire but she didn’t leave her pet until the last

As usual, on Sunday nights, Nicole Graham walked on her horse along the country road. It all began well: the sun and the weak wind rejoiced, and there was no soul around.

But suddenly the horse accidentally stumbled and fell into a shaky swamp. Nicole got off the horse and began to try to help him, but, unfortunately, everything was unsuccessful.

Αstro could not get up either by himself or with the help of his owner because he weighed about 500 kg.

He was terribly frightened and tugged very hard on his limbs to get out. But the fear in this situation only hurt the drowning, therefore the horse sucked all the depths into the quagmire.

The woman tried her best to help her beloved pet but neither lifting nor pulling out him did not work.

She could only hold the snout above the horse so that he would not choke on the dirt. So Nicole kept him from everlasting death for longer.

For 3 hours, the horse and its owner fought the drowning threat without help. But, finally, they saw a local. Naturally, he immediately rushed to help them and, first of all, called the rescuers.

Finally, rescuers arrived and quickly pulled out the horse, with the help of several dozen people and a tractor.

Misses Graham, like her Astro, experienced tremendous stress and both were very tired. The woman could not calm down for a very long time – it even came to a soothing injection.

But after the rest, already at home, Nicole washed and cleaned her beloved pet from the swamp mud, and she herself was able to put herself in order.

This story teaches perseverance and mutual assistance.

Only thanks to the strong owner of the horse, Astro survived.

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