After being rescued from hurricane the sweetest squirrel can’t already sleep without hugging her teddy bear

Meet the sweetest squirrel that survived Hurricane in August.

She was only seven weeks old when she was found. The squirrel fell to the ground from its nest.

Fortunately, the family noticed the baby and came to the rescue. They managed to save his life and bring him home immediately.

At first, the family decided to take care of the animal until it fully recovered and then planned to send her back to the forest.

So the family was not originally going to adopt the animal forever.

But sweet Jill, the sweet squirrel, was so happy for her new family and also very grateful to them that she would never want to be separated from them.

It has already been seven years since that day, and the squirrel still lives with them and is their favorite family member.

As a result, Jill became famous all over the Internet in a very short time and now her Instagram page, called “The Girl Is a squirrel”, already has 680 thousand followers.

On her Instagram page, the family tells about all the adventures of a squirrel sharing adorable photos.

She loves it most when she is hugged and kissed. Every time she goes to bed ,she hugs her favorite bear and then sleeps.

We’re sure that Jill gave you a smile too.

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