Nobody believes this incredibly adorable and little angel is a two-year-old mature doggy

Look at this incredibly beautiful tiny puppy! If you are fond of this kind of cute animals, then don’t skip this post. Let this sweetie fill your heart with joy, and give you a bit of smile.

This dog specie is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, one of the world’s tiniest and cutest dogs.

And meet Nessa, the representative of that breed. He melts everyone’s heart with his big bright eyes and small adorable body.

He is two years old, but everyone gets surprised of his age, because he seems like a tiny little pup.

Generally, these cavaliers weigh between 5.9 – 8.2 kg, but the lovely Nessa is only 3 kg.

He is the tiniest spaniel on Earth. But he has a good health and everything is ok with him.

He is the adorable pup for his family: he lives in constant love and happiness with his owners.

This spaniel dogs originated from the UK. They are well-mannered, humble and noble dogs.

Nessa will steal your heart with his gentle face and round big eyes.

They seem aristocrats, but most of them get on well with kids and other animals. They are very sociable and friendly, though they require much attention and treatment from their owners.

Nessa is famous and beloved on Instagram. He has thousands of followers, who receive their daily proportion of smile and positive energy looking at this sweetness.

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