Woman gets married and invites her four grandmothers to be her flower girls and the result is incredible

A wedding is one of the most important days in people’s lives. And you always want to share such an event with the closest and beloved people.

Because of this, according to wedding traditions, the closest people are given important roles at the wedding, such as bridesmaid, best man, and so on. And the place of flower girls usually goes to the youngest members of the family.

However, this couple decided to do otherwise! The bride, Lyndsey Raby, decided to give this position to her four grandmothers.

While planning the wedding ceremony, she knew she had to include her grandmothers in the process. After all, they were the most important women in her life.

The girl’s squad included Lyndsey’s two grandmothers, her great-grandmother and the groom’s grandmother.

They put on beautiful blue lace dresses and scattered flowers from bags with the inscription: “Here comes the bride!”

Natalie Caho, who was the photographer at the wedding, said that she had seen many beautiful flower girls in her experience, but these four beauties were the best.

They not only decorated this celebration with themselves, but were also the life of the whole party!

The grandmothers were very excited and happy that they got such a wonderful role. They felt young again and proved to everyone that age is just a number.

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