The mischievous kitten appeared in their family in the most unexpected time filling their lives with unforgettable moments

Tara could not even imagine that her family would be filled with another member so unexpectedly.

It turned out that the kitten needs a family, and of course Tara, who had saved many animals, could not be indifferent.

The thing is, the sweet kitty had extra toes on each paw and also unique ears.

Tara couldn’t stop thinking about the baby from the moment she met him.

It turned out that his previous owner did not want to keep him and was looking for another owner.

It was then that the angels seemed to send Tara to rescue the kitten.

So after a short time she returned back to the kitten and said to hs owner that she was ready to adopt the kitten.

The mother named the kitten Max and he immediately fell in love with his new mother, as if going to hug her and express his gratitude: he quickly began to trust his new mom and felt very safe.

Not long after, one of the other cats, Mickey, immediately befriended the kitten and seemed to take over the role of his big brother.

Mickey taught him everything the little one needed, showering him with care and warmth.

Despite the fact that he is so small, it still seems to him that he is the strongest one and can beat them all, trying to fight with dogs all the time.

The little one is living a wonderful life enjoying it to the fullest,and also planning his next mischief every minute.

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