The sad dog stayed in the shelter for 2 years, until suddenly he felt a familiar smell.

When this chocolate beauty named Paquita was brought to one of the many dog shelters in Argentina, she was very confused. Employees were informed that the dog was found on the street.

She was dirty, scared and completely alone.

The volunteers of the animal center warmly and joyfully welcomed a new pet. From the very first minutes they tried to treat Paquita as best as possible so that she would be more comfortable.

Of course, the volunteers were looking for the owners of the dog — you never know, the animal may have been lost? However, no one was found. Paquita lived in a dog shelter for 2 years.

No one took the beauty away. And her chances of finding a new family were gradually decreasing: after all, the dog was no longer young.

Her younger friends had long since moved from the center to new homes, but no one took Paquita.

The dog continued to wait patiently, and the shelter staff strenuously searched for new owners for her. In order to attract more public attention to the animal, it was decided to take a picture of Paquita and post it on social networks.

A middle-aged woman wrote to the shelter volunteers.

According to her, the photo shows an animal belonging to her son. His dog disappeared 2 years ago. And since then, Ariel Naveira, the owner of the animal, has been looking for her wherever he could, but could not find his beloved Dog in any way!

A day later, the young man arrived at the nursery to «identify» his loss.

The moment that everyone was waiting for has come. The animal and the owner have met!

After their meeting, no one doubted. Before them there really was a reunion of 2 loving hearts that had been separated by circumstances for several years.

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