This missing blind dog was discovered still alive in the mountains

This pitiable blind dog somehow managed to survive in the Mountains for more than a week.

The poor Labrador after having completely lost his eyesight due to a serious eye infection sadly got lost in the Mountains.

Berth, the owner and the last person who saw the disabled dog announced that the animal suddenly ran away from house and then he couldn’t find him anywhere.

A lot of people joined their power in order to find the poor lost doggie.

After some time, Berth, the worried owner, was already about to lose his hope on meeting his faithful pet again.

Thankfully, this heartbreaking story ends happily as after long eight days the blind doggie was miraculously found. The downhearted owner’s neighbor accidentally spotted the lost dog which was a real miracle.

The neighbor, a professional firefighter, one day came across the struggling dog lying on the ground.

Initially he thought the doggie didn’t show any signs of life but then made sure he was still breathing.

The bighearted man gently put the dog on his shoulders and headed home.

It goes without saying that Beth, the heartbroken owner was probably the happiest man in the whole world once he saw his beloved blind dog after eight days.

You can watch the video about this fantastic real life story below.

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