Mother dog lovingly looks after her premature puppies

When these puppies were born prematurely, they had to spend the first few hours of their lives in an incubator, and not with a worried mother. But that didn’t stop their mother from looking after them to make sure they were safe.

Kuma, a four-year-old French bulldog, gave birth prematurely and gave birth to three puppies in Bangkok. To help the two puppies become stronger, the veterinarian temporarily placed them in an incubator.

Like all loving mothers, Kuma wanted nothing more than to be with her newborn puppies. Since she wasn’t allowed to do it yet, she was standing on a green stool in the vet’s office, gently leaning her paw on the incubator, and looking through the glass at the little puppies.

Charming Kuma gazes intently through the glass walls of the incubator, striving to be near her puppies. I just want to cheer her up: «Soon Mommy, soon your kids will be with you.»

Kuma is such a wonderful mom. But the proud dad, Sour Pork, is also present. He is waiting to welcome his new puppies. And he is just as happy to meet his puppies as Kuma.

Fortunately for this canine family, the newborns didn’t have to stay in the incubator for too long. Although they were born prematurely, they quickly got stronger and returned home with mom, dad and a happy owner.

It’s great that the puppies are healthy enough to return home. Now their mom can take care of them. And they will be able to see the third puppy.

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