17 Adorable Doggos Reacting To Being Called a “Good Dog”

We are all very well aware of this project.

There was a very famous trend that went viral a few years ago. It captured the faces of people before and after being called “beautiful.” The before picture usually consisted of a serious face while the after picture usually had the person glowing with a cheeky smile. It was a very wholesome trend but now, we have found a way to make it even better. Why not recreate this trend for dogs? I mean, dogs are beautiful too. But how do we let them know that? How do we make them smile?

By calling them “good dogs” of course! You are probably familiar with how dogs react when they are called that. Their tail starts wagging with joy and they become really happy and excited. A Reddit user named ‘JavaReallySucks’ shared a picture of his dog with the caption “Before and After being called a Good Boy.” People loved the photo and started sharing their own. You’re going to love these. Scroll down below to see 17 adorable doggos reacting to being called a “Good Dog”:

#1 – Before VS After being called a good girl


#2 – A second after I called her the best girl


#3 – Right after I called him the best boy

#4 – I’m a what… Say it again, please say it again.

#5 – Before And After Being Called A Good Boy

#6 – “Can it wait, Frank? I’m watching 60 Minutes right now. They’re doing a really fascinating interview with Spuds MacKenzie and… yes! I am a good boy! Okay, I guess I can just DVR the rest of this.”

#7 – “Get out of my room! I wish I was never adopted! Wait, what did you just say to me? Did you just call me a… a good boy? Okay… Well, I guess I actually love you after all.”

#8 – “Why so serious today, big guy?”

This is probably the most wholesome thing you’ll see all day. These are all most definitely really good dogs. Just look at their drastic shift of mood! From being serious little guys to smiling puppers, they have stolen our hearts for sure. All of them are super adorable. Scroll down below for the rest:

#9 – The best boi!

#10 – His perk up when he hears had good he is!

#11 – He’s the best boy!

#12 – I’M A WHAT?!?!?

#13 – Notice the side-eye once I called him the best boy

#14 – “Before And After Being Called A Good Boy :)”

#15 – This girl just found out how good she is…

#16 – “Who’s a good girl?”

#17 – “Good girl!”

What do you feel about these cute doggos? Do you have any “good dogs” to share? Let us know in the comments below!

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