Utah woman of seven sons is the happiest mom ever: she gave birth to her triplets at the age of 46

Meet Audrey Tiberius, who thought she couldn’t have anymore.

This Alpine mom astonished everyone by giving birth to identical triplets.

As the woman said, she went to the doctor several years ago, who stated to her, she wouldn’t be able to have other kids because of her age.

Now the woman is a mom of 7 boys.

She confesses, that she can’t imagine her life without her seven sons.

She is completely happy!

As she has always dreamed of having a large family, she took steps to reach her entire happiness.

So, when she managed to expect her one more kid, she was on the seventh cloud.

To her great surprise, it turned out she was expecting 3 more kids, instead of one.

Three identical sons!

As she said, the first months have been hard for her to take care of them, and manage to do household things with the newborn babies.

But she is so proud of her children, as she feels her the happiest mom on Earth.

Besides, her husband and the elder sons support her a lot.

She wishes every couple who dreams of having a huge family or just children get as many as they can.

As she claims children mean everything to whom they can cherish themselves.

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