An Englishwoman gave birth to twins with different skin color: here is why this happened

Chantelle Broughton is a 29—year-old resident of England, gave birth to babies who have different skin colors.

At birth, the babies were very similar, but over time, one of them had a darker skin tone.

The babies were born in April 2022.

The girl was given the name Azira, and the boy — Aion.

Now the appearance of children has changed significantly.

The boy has white skin and green eyes, and the girl has dark skin and brown eyes.

The twins’ parents are of mixed race.

The maternal grandfather was originally from Nigeria; the parents of the 29-year-old father of the boy and the girl are of Scottish and Jamaican descent.

Chantelle notes that children are often noticed on the street.

People ask if these two children are related.

The mother of the kids added that each child has its own character.

Azira is very quiet and calm, and Aion is more emotional and needs more attention from others.

Note, according to scientists, such twins are born when at least one of the parents is a child from an interracial marriage.

In such cases the second generation can be divided by skin color or other characteristics.

The birth of identical twins of different skin colors is possible if the eggs have a mutation in one of the genes that control skin pigmentation at the time of the first DNA doubling.

However, such cases as ours are extremely rare.

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