A 50-year-old woman became a surrogate mother for her daughter, and she got pregnant too, now the couple has twin girls

In the American state of Minnesota, a unique event occurred – the children of two different mothers turned out to be genetic twins and very similar to each other.

Doctors who observed the women in labor told the press that such a phenomenon happened for the first time in their practice – even if there are objective grounds for it.

The whole story began in the family of Kyle Pierce and his wife Kelsey – the girl could not get pregnant for many years, and the inconsolable couple was already preparing for IVF.

But the procedure could cause serious harm to Kelsey’s health, which is why the couple were in no hurry to make a decision.

The girl’s mother, Lisa, was very worried about her daughter and tried to help her by any means.

One day she came across an article about how the mother of a infertile child helped a couple conceive a genetically close child, and decided to follow this example.

Kyle and Kelsey reacted with joy to this option – and soon Lisa managed to get pregnant through artificial insemination.

But a month later, the family was shocked by unexpected news – the couple’s own attempts were successful, and Kelsey is also pregnant.

After more than six months, both women had girls who, as it turned out, have more in common with each other than many siblings or even twins.

The daughters were named Everly Rose and Ava Ray, now they are brought up by a big loving family.

Local experts were very interested in this case – and concluded an agreement with the parents of the “twins” on several genetic studies that are safe for girls.

It was during their course that it turned out that the sisters are similar not only in appearance, as befits relatives, but also their genetic code is largely identical.

Most of the features of the chromosome set were inherited from Lisa and Kelsey.

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