The couple, who are also listed among the longest marriages in US history, are celebrating their 83rd anniversary

Everything started in 1932. November 25.

So many years, but till now the lovebirds John and Ann celebrate it together for 83years. Here is how it all started.

One day theey made a decision to go to NY to get married because her family wanted her to marry an older man.

And now this wonderful couple has already been married for 85 years.

Their union was even awarded the champion of longevity in the United States and was ranked among the longest marriages in history.

They are now 102 and 106 years old. The famous couple also gave many television interviews, often offering some marriage advice.

One of the important prerequisites is to accept each other’s shortcomings and talk calmly about every issue, which allows you to strengthen the relationship and avoid big arguments.

John always laughs that the only disagreement they ever had was over cooking.

Undoubtedly, in order to have a wonderful and long-lasting relationship, it is very important and useful to have a good sense of humor, which was definitely never lacking in their family.

Here is the video of this sweet couple .

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